Alain Moussi lead actor of Kickboxer film at Bangkok Thailand

Kickboxer: Vengeance is soon to be released in early September 2016, but the team behind the film has already been working on its sequel Kickboxer: Retaliation for a good few weeks. Dimitri Logothetis, Director of the Film, has brought Alain Moussi, Jean-Claude Van Damme as well as other cast members back to Thailand once again to film some serious action scenes at various outstanding locations.


A number of notable MMA champions and sports legends have been added to the franchise including Mike Tyson, Fabricio Werdum, Roy Nelson, Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho and professional strongman/actor Hafthor Björnsson from Game of Thrones.

The lead role of Kurt Sloane in Kickboxer reboot is played by Canadian actor and stuntman Alain Moussi.  The rising martial artist star sat down with us and talked about how it’s like filming a world-class action film Kickboxer Retaliation amongst the big names.


How is it like filming in Thailand again this year with more world renown fighters?

  • Being in Thailand this time is different as it’s more familiar. I know the place, the people and I know what to expect.  I had an amazing time shooting with a great team last year, so I was thrilled when we got the green light on this film.


  • This sequel added more of the world’s sports greatest and UFC Champions so I was over the moon. Especially Mike Tyson, who is a great guy, a gentleman and really fun to work with.  Throwing a punch with him is something that a lot of people dream about.  Often during the training and filming I had to step back a little and really appreciate the moment.  It’s overwhelming.


 Alain Moussi

You have done a lot of fight scenes before as a stunt.  Is that very different from doing fight scenes as an actor?

  • When you work in the stunt world, most of the time you are focused on the actions and fighting techniques rather than acting. In this film I am much more focused on the character.  The actions need to be driven by the character in the story.  If it’s the other way round it wouldn’t work.  The scene needs to be compelling, and the only way to make it compelling is to make sure you have captivating characters in the story.


And is it a challenge working withartists from so many different fighting background?

  • I am constantly learning a lot. When I knew I would be working on screen with these legends, I tried to think of ways to feature these guys on what they are best at.  For example, for Mike Tyson I watched countless fight reels and highlights and etc. as i needed to understand exactly what his psychology was and how he approaches the fighting.  I want his boxing fans to see this film and go “Oh my God this is the real Mike Tyson.  It’s really him doing his thing.”  Same with Roy Nelson who is known for knocking people out with an overhand punch—I had to figure out how I can include that and make it work in the story.  It was really awesome for me to have a chance to help Dimitri turn them into really compelling characters in the story.




Can we expect to see a lot of you being the real Alain Moussi in the film as well?

  • Oh yes, absolutely. That’s Dimitri’s talent—he is great at taking people and showcasing them in a beautiful way.  He’s giving me a full freedom for what I need to do, but at the same time he is containing me to make sure that I stay focused on my story and character.  This is really important because sometimes it’s easy for actors to go off on a tangent.  Dimitri keeps all of us in the right zone and get the best performance out of everybody being themselves.


            Alain Moussi        Mighty Max Savaria

You mentioned that one of your favourite moments in the film was when you get to hit Sam Medina.  Now, who was your most favourite person to beat you up?  And why?

*Bursts out laughing*  It has got to be Haftor Björnsson who is 6’10”.  That was definitely a highlight as I get to face this dude who is unbeatable and is a monster.  In this fight I get beaten up badly and got tossed around on hard concrete like a rag doll.  Being able to survive all of that and actually doing it for real felt absolutely fantastic.  Everything you see that he does to me in the film was ALL real: the punch contacting the body, the hit, the tackles—everything.  When you watch the film on screen, you can see my skin ripple because the shots were taken by a high speed camera.  It might sound funny, but I get so much satisfaction doing these things.  When Haftor or Mike was totally destroying me, I took a lot of pride in being able to take that mentally and physically…and also adding the acting on top of that.  That was really cool.


  Mighty Max Savaria   Haftor Björnsson   Alain Moussi

Credit Photo FB Alain Moussi

Interview By Supapij-Bee Xoomsai Na Ayudhya