Thai Fruits

Longan Longan (lamyai) Brought into this country by Chinese immigrants hundreds of years ago, it was first planted in Bangkok and then in the North. It is in the North that the fruit has flourished and become one of Thailand’s largest export fruits. The most famous species is the pink […]


Jackfruit Jackfruit (khanun) Somewhat like a durian but even bigger, it takes an expert to open it with a sharp knife. But people usually don’t buy a whole fruit. The vendor will open it and take the yellowish flesh out for retail. Its large seeds are edible after being boiled, […]


Guava (farang) The Thai name means a White or a Westerner. The fruit derived its name because it originated from tropical America. It has become a popular fruit only after the new Vietnamese species was widely planted more than a decade ago. Eat the white, crisp flesh either alone or […]


Grape Grape (a-ngun) First transplanted from Europe about a century ago, it has thrived for the past two decades after new varieties suitable to the tropical climate were developed. Both the green and the red varieties are available. Season: December to April.


Durian Durian (thu-rian) A very special fruit. Reputed to be the king of all fruits, its strong smell sometimes turns people away before they have a chance to taste it. However, if one can overcome one’s initial dislike of its foul smell and give it a try, one is likely […]


Custard Apple (noi-na) Transplanted from Central America long ago. Easily broken with a squeeze. Eat the soft, white meat with the help of a spoon and leave out the seeds. Season: June to August.

Custard Apple

Coconut Coconut (ma-phrao) Only the young ones are eaten as fruit. Scoop out the tender meat with a spoon and drink the refreshing milk with a tube. Season: All year round.


Banana Banana (kluai), there are 3 main species: 2. The namwa banana (kluai namwa) either eaten raw as fruit or cooked in many different ways and eaten as a snack; and 3. The egg banana (kluai khai) small in size with a thin skin, a specialty of Kamphaeng Phet Province. […]


Thai FruitsThere are many possible reasons for people to go to a foreign country – on business, for pleasure, to study, to visit relatives and friends, for shopping, etc. But the reasons probably do not include eating, even less eating fruit. Those who come to Thailand, however, will find that […]

Thai Fruits